Vax U90-MA-Re Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Dust Re-emission

Dust Re-emission


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning


Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard Floor Cleaning


Noise Level

Noise Level

86 dB

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Great For Carpet Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner is a class A carpet model, which is the best class. This makes the vacuum cleaner suited for vacuuming carpets.

Great for Hard Floor Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner is a class A hard floor model, which is the best class. This makes the vacuum cleaner suited for vacuuming floors.

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Vax U90-MA-ReShark NV601UKTShark NV801UKSEBO Automatic X7 Pet ePowerShark NV681UKT
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3230 reviews
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price 102 £ 179 £ 329 £ 299 £ 299 £
Energy Efficiency
Wattage820 watt750 watt750 watt890 watt750 watt
Noise Level86 dB80 dB80 dB79 dB80 dB
Carpet Cleaning Performance
Hard Floor Cleaning Performance
Capacity | Bag Size1.5 l1.65 l1.1 l5.3 l1.1 l
Operating Radius10 metres10 metres10 metres10 metres10 metres
Dust Re-emission
Ideal For Allergy Sufferers

Description of Vax U90-MA-Re

The Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach is an upright vacuum cleaner with multi-cyclonic technology, extra long reach, and powerful performance in a lightweight frame. While small in size, this vacuum cleaner has been designed from the ground up to provide the same capacity and suction as a full size upright vacuum.

Energy consumption

The Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach has a powerful 820 w motor with constant and efficient suction. This vacuum cleaner is in Class A for energy efficiency, with an estimated annual consumption of 23.6 kilowatt hours per year.

Cleaning ability

The Air Reach from Vax is an efficient and versatile upright vacuum cleaner with a large 15 m operating radius for all those hard to reach places. This model is in hard floor cleaning performance class A and carpet cleaning performance class A.

Filter and dust emission

The Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach comes with a HEPA Media filter to help remove pollen and other allergens from your home. While the dust bin capacity is fairly small at just 1.5 L, the powerful TurboTool easily picks up pet hairs and other small particles from stairs and furniture. This model is in dust re-emission class A.

Functionality and features

The Air Reach from Vax is designed to reach anywhere in your home, with an extra long power cord and flexible hose providing an impressive cleaning reach of 15 m. This model also comes with a telescopic handle, an LED performance indicator, a turbo tool, and a versatile 3-in-1 attachment with a crevice, upholstery and dusting tool.


The Vax U90-MA-Re weighs just 4.9 kg and has product dimensions of 30.5 x 102 x 30 cm. The run time of this model is 86 minutes, with the noise level being a standard 86 dB. The Air Reach from Vax is available in purple and has been engineered to showcase energy efficiency and performance.

List of specifications

Energy consumption

Energy Efficiency
Power 820 watt The average is 748 watt
Annual energy consumption 23.6 kWh The average is 27 kWh
Annual energy price 23.6 kWh The average is 27 kWh
Annual energy price £ 3,5 The average is £ 4,1

Cleaning performance

Carpet cleaning performance A
Hard floor cleaning performance A


Dust Re-emission Class A
Filter HEPA
Ideal For Allergy Sufferers No

Technical Details

Noise Level 86 dB The average is 76 dB
Capacity 1.5 l
Operating Radius 10 metres The average is 9 metres
Variable Power Controls No
Telescopic Tube Yes


Weight 4.9 kg


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