Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Max working area

Max working area

100 m2



45 min

Charge time

Charge time

180 min

Timer Option

Timer Option

Smartphone App

Smartphone App

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Reviews of Dyson 360 Eye

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(3.17) based on 196 reviews 

(2.50) 81 reviews

(2.40) 24 reviews

(4.10) 59 reviews

(3.70) 32 reviews

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Dyson 360 EyeBagotte BG600Eufy RoboVac 30CCoredy R500+Bagotte I7
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196 reviews
196 reviews
1507 reviews
848 reviews
472 reviews
price 800 £ 200 £ 270 £ 175 £ 200 £
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Runtime45 min100 min100 min120 min100 min
Charge Time180 min300 min300 min300 min300 min
Timer Option
Remote Control
Smartphone App
Sound level70 dB55 dB55 dB60 dB60 dB
Max working area100 m2
Height12 cm6.9 cm7.2 cm6.8 cm7.9 cm
Weight2.4 kg2.7 kg2.7 kg4.3 kg2.3 kg

Description of Dyson 360 Eye

The Dyson 360 Eye is an advanced robotic vacuum cleaner with twice the suction of any other model currency available. This unit features Dyson’s powerful V2 digital motor for superior cleaning performance, which allows for more powerful suction and faster speed than the competition. Other features include panoramic vision for a calculated cleaning pattern, Dyson Link App control, a bagless design, a full-width brush bar, and a 0.33-litre bin.


The Dyson 360 Eye vacuum cleaner features a powerful lithium-ion battery that is capable of working up to 45 minutes on one charge. While this is much less than other robot vacuum cleaners, the powerful suction does come at a cost. Charging the Dyson Eye is also quick, however, with just one hour needed to achieve a full charge.


The Dyson 360 Eye features a number of powerful and innovative functions, including 360 Eye technology that allows the vacuum to see where it has cleaned and where it has not. This awareness is combined with the most powerful motor in the market, with the V2 digital motor delivering superior cleaning performance in a neat and compact package. With the 360 Eye, you can schedule cleaning time from your smartphone with the Dyson Link App.


The Dyson 360 Eye is a very light vacuum at 2.42kg, with product dimensions being 23 x 24 x 12cm. This unit is available in blue and nickel and made with high-quality Dyson components. While the 360 Eye is less wide than most other models, it’s also taller at almost 13cm, which means it’s not ideal for cleaning under some furniture. The 360 Eye follows a squared-off spiral pattern, to ensure it goes over each spot on your floor at least once.

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List of specifications


Max Runtime 45 minutes The average is 0 minutes
Charge Time 180 minutes The average is 0 minutes
Battery Li-ion

Cleaning Performance

Max working area 100 m2 The average is 0 m2
Sound level 70 dB The average is 0 dB
Floor Mopping No 22% have this feature

Technical details

Dustbin Capacity 0.33 l
Filter HEPA


Timer-function Yes 84% have this feature
Remote control Yes 60% have this feature
App-functionality Yes 47% have this feature
Mapping Yes 35% have this feature
Voice control No 35% have this feature

Weight and dimensions

Height 12 cm
Width 23 cm
Weight 2.4 kg

Product data

Name Dyson 360 Eye
Online price (£) 799.99


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(2.5) 81 reviews
(2.4) 24 reviews
(4.1) 59 reviews
(3.7) 32 reviews
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