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My name is Klaus, and I am the creator of Best-Vacuums.co.uk. The purpose of this site is to provide a publicly available opinion score on vacuum cleaners based on reviews. Every vacuum cleaner is rated from 0-100 based on user and expert reviews available online.

Contact me on backbaps@gmail.com if any questions.

How Do We Calculate our Product score?

Our product scores are based on specific criteria, although we do not test the products ourselves. The following are the criteria on which our product scores are based;

  • Reviews from users
  • Reviews from experts
  • Results from products tested by others
  • Development in price

Below we have discussed in detail how we score our products under different sections.

Note: All our scores are updated algorithmically daily and cannot be manipulated by us directly.

Our goal

Our goal is to make it easier for consumers to choose between good and bad products. We achieve it by giving every product listed an accurate quantitative score and then comparing similar ones with each other based on the ratings. We evaluate scores by taking into account various sources which are discussed below;

User Reviews

Collecting user views from multiple reliable sources. We strongly feel that people using the products can give a valuable insight into the product.

Expert Reviews

Availing expert reviews of the products can often give more technical perception of the products. The expert reviews carry a lot more score weightage compared to ordinary users because of their technical perception and empirical evidence.

Test Reviews

Similar to expert reviews, test reviews contribute a lot in calculating score as they come with more technical perception based on predefined criteria. The empirical data here is again higher than ordinary user reviews.

Price Development

The price and the value of the products are inversely related, which means if the price drops the value rises. This is the reason for us favouring products with relatively lower prices.

We will now explain each criterion elaborately for you below.

User reviews

We collect reviews from users from around the web. The reviews of the users are significant contributions to the score. The score is calculated based on the number of user reviews. The following are the scores assigned to the user reviews.

  • 0-11 user reviews: No score given
  • 12-15 user reviews: Average review score x 20 – 6
  • 16-30 user reviews: Average review score x 20 – 4
  • 31-45 user reviews: Average review score x 20 – 2
  • 46+ user reviews: Average review score x 20

We subtract a point from the score if the number of reviews is less, due to uncertainty in the limited data (data accuracy increases with the increase in the number of reviews).

Expert Reviews

The contribution of expert reviews to the score is simple.

  • If the product scores 4+ or more out of 5 in expert reviews, 1 point will get added to the score.
  • If the product scores 3 or less in expert reviews, 1 point will get 1 subtracted from the score.


We gather product tests data, where we take the rating in the trial into consideration in the score.

  • If the product rates 33% or more in the testing of features and price, 1 point gets added to the score.
  • If the product rates below 33% in all of the testing, 1 point will be deducted from the score.

Price development

We log in the price for each product, which is displayed in our Historical price graph. The growth in price might have a positive impact on the score:

If the price of a product today is -10% lower than the average lowest price over the last 70 days, we consider the price to be favourable, and 2 points will be added to the score (and a “Great price”-sticker will appear on the product).

Example: If a product has an average low price of $100 in the last 70 days, but is priced today at $80, then 2 points will be added to the product score until the price rises to again (or until $80 is higher than the -10% of the 70-days average price).

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